Top 3 Benefits of Installing High-Quality Commercial Scissor Gates

Scissor gates are quite popular for commercial use because they bolster both security and ventilation. These patterned grilles can be used in many spaces, including warehouses, garages, and driveways. They don’t require too much space and can easily be installed almost anywhere.

If you’re still not convinced, here are three top reasons why you should install high-quality commercial scissor gates.

Additional Security

Scissor gates offer a robust layer of security to almost any building. For instance, they’re ideal for storefronts where you might need to put security measures in place to safeguard inventory. They can easily be locked using a padlock, deterring thieves from accessing your property.

The strong steel frame is built to last; it’s nearly impenetrable and works well against tough weather.

Multiple designs

While scissor gates are employed for security purposes, they can also upgrade the look of your property. These gates are now available in multiple designs with different patterns and colors.

Many people continue to choose black because it looks intimidating and keeps unwanted personnel away. However, you can go for other designs that match your taste and preferences more closely.

Require minimal space

Scissor gates are designed to fold at the edges once you open them. This means they don’t require the clearance space needed by swing doors.

Moreover, scissor gates are built of smaller units that can be set up for any configuration and can span any distance. They can easily be altered to meet the specifications of your space.

Prevent unauthorized access

While scissor gates are used most commonly for storefronts, they can also be installed outside specific areas. This prevents unauthorized people from accessing locations within an area. For example, many businesses install scissor gates at the building front entrance or around warehouses and factories.

Invest in High-Quality Scissor Gates

Darkinson Doors is a leading service in Toledo, OH, that offers a range of residential garage door options as well as doors for commercial properties.

Our high-quality scissor gates are engineered using the premium to provide enhanced security at night, so you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth.

We also offer a variety of customization options to our clients, so you match the interior and exterior commercial aesthetic without compromising on quality.

For more information, get in touch with us at 419-478-1000 and invest in a secure, high-quality scissor gate.


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