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Impact Traffic Doors

impact traffic doors - Invest in State-of-the-Art Impact Traffic Doors in Toledo, Ohio

Suitable for a wide range of retail, postal, and industrial markets, impact traffic doors are double-acting swing doors that offer convenient and efficient two-way movement. Whether you’re on the lookout for sleek and fully-functional impact traffic doors for your grocery store or pharmacy, the rapid swing action offers swift accessibility while serving as a visual, aural, and environmental barrier.

At Darkinson Doors, we offer a wide array of single and double entry impact traffic doors in Toledo, Ohio. Our doors are tailored to meet the diverse requirements set forth by a range of industries. By ensuring cost-efficiency, we go the extra mile to make our doors accessible for food and drug factories, restaurants, cold rooms, warehouses, and supermarkets, among many other commercial spaces.

With over 70 years of experience, our skilled team of designers has crafted a unique double-acting design with protective rubber plates and transparent panels that eliminate the risk of collision. By using the finest materials and welding techniques, we ensure long-term functionality and reduced risk of external damage.

If you’ve been struggling to maintain efficiency in your upscale restaurant in Beverly, it may be time to invest in cutting-edge doors that use innovative technology to enhance productivity! Our custom impact traffic doors are extremely flexible, thereby ensuring ease of use. By opening and closing securely, they also eliminate thermal escape and reduce energy costs.

Each door panel is lightweight and has an insulated core that provides excellent functionality and long-term insulation that doesn’t weaken with time.

While regular impact traffic doors require rigorous maintenance owing to their weak structuring, our proprietary composition requires minimal maintenance. We understand how challenging and fast-paced retail, postal, and industrial markets can be. With rigorous usage, regular doors tend to weaken and require extensive touch-ups and restoration services. In contrast, our doors are specially designed and crafted to withstand excessive swinging, pressure, thermal irregularities indoors and outdoors, spillage, and force. Not only will they maintain their sturdiness over the years, but they’ll also retain their flexibility and seamless movement.

Our high-quality hinges are ideal for the daily bustle of restaurant life or active supermarket interaction.

Ready to add a touch of functionality to your commercial space?

Buy multi-functional impact traffic doors in Toledo, Ohio. Whether you place an order from our gallery or request a custom design, our team will deliver immaculate results that enhance your company’s accessibility and efficiency.

For more information, call us at 419-478-1000 and we’ll take it from there!