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Business owners often don’t consider the importance of a well-made commercial garage door for their business’s safety, efficiency, and productivity during day-to-day operations. From high-speed fabric doors for warehouse facilities to traditional steel doors for storefronts, commercial garage doors are an essential piece of equipment in a business setting.

Here’s how we can help your business with our commercial garage doors in Perrysburg!

Better security

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, commercial garage doors get automatically locked when they’re down and are only able to be lifted with the help of a remote, keypad with a code outside the building, or a button inside the building. You can also install devices that can help you monitor any activity through mobile devices, no matter where you are.

Better Insulation

Well-made commercial garage doors are insulated to protect the inside of the building from the heat or cold, which is especially important for businesses that store temperature-sensitive goods. Our commercial door can help keep the temperature inside the garage stable, helping your business cut down on energy and utility expenses.

More durability

We use extremely durable materials to make our commercial garage doors in order to help them endure heavy use on a daily basis. They’re specifically designed to endure harsh weather conditions, bumps, and scrapes. The door opener is also built to handle constant shutting and lifting and overall heavy use easily. Keeping up with regular maintenance and checks can help you make the door, and its opener lasts for decades.

More space

Commercial garage doors make use of mechanics that are stored above them to lift themselves up, freeing up space since it doesn’t need to swing-out. This is extremely useful if your business doesn’t have a lot of space or requires additional space to bring in inventory using pallet jacks or forklifts.

Increased safety

Our commercial garage doors can be installed with many different safety features, such as manual control, auto-reverse, and motion sensors to protect the operator and other users from heavy-duty equipment.

We have many kinds of commercial garage doors available at Darkinson Doors to best suit your needs. Thinking of getting a high-speed fabric door? It’s extremely fast to open or close, has flexible use, and doesn’t require much maintenance. They’re perfect for improving your company’s overall productivity since your workers won’t have to wait for the door to open and close slowly—they can get started on other productive and more important tasks instead!

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