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High Speed Fabric Doors

High speed fabric doors - Buy High-Speed Fabric Doors in Toledo, Ohio

Are you struggling to enhance the efficiency of material handling in your warehouse or factory? While reduced productivity in storage units may not directly hamper productivity, it can cause a noticeable difference in metrics over time.

As one of the most effective ways of boosting productivity and enhancing efficiency, high-speed fabric doors allow seamless execution of heavy traffic without causing impediments. Specially designed for modern factories and warehouses, these efficient and multi-functional doors automatically roll up and down, thereby offering rapid opening and closing. By reducing airflow and heat conduction, high-speed fabric doors also improve cleanliness and promote temperature regulation.

At Darkinson Doors, we go the extra mile to design and engineer premium exterior and interior high-speed roll up doors with a durable curtain made of reinforced PVC vinyl. While this sturdy and versatile material withstands winds of up to 95 mph, it concurrently offers sleek and soft bottom edges with a pneumatic edge detector. This maximizes productivity while expertly preventing air and dust from entering the space.

Our state-of-the-art sealing technology ensures commercial customers can benefit from an innovative solution that provides a tight seal against contaminants and environmental impediments like wind and rain. At Darkinson Doors, we’re committed to prioritizing aesthetic appeal alongside quality to help customers benefit from a visually pleasing addition to their warehouses and factories. We offer a wide range of colors and sleek textures that complement the surrounding space while imbuing it with much-needed creativity that motivates employees.

Ideal for food and pharmaceutical industries—among many others—our high-speed fabric doors ensure optimal hygiene while retaining the temperature of food and medical appliances. With a cutting-edge interlocking passage mechanism that promotes heightened insulation, our high-speed fabric doors are the ideal solution for reduced thermal, visual, and auditory transfer.

In addition, the smart radar sensor is designed to detect humans and vehicles approaching the door. This induces automatic opening and closing in a timely manner, thereby reducing waiting time and improving overall efficiency.

Give your business a much-needed boost by investing in our high-speed fabric doors in Toledo, Ohio. Equipped with infrared photocell inside guides and immaculate push and pull operation, the modern system will add the perfect touch of functionality and swift accessibility to your business! Browse through our gallery to get started or give us a call at 419-478-1000. We’re always happy to help!