Your Ultimate Guide to the Top-Rated Garage Doors in Ohio

When deciding whether to repair or replace a garage door, there are many considerations homeowners have to take into account. One of these decisions involves choosing the material that it will be made of.

Steel, wood, and fiberglass garage doors all offer a variety of benefits and are quite popular in residential settings. However, one may suit your needs better than the others.

Here we’ve discussed the differences between each to help you decide which works best for you.


Steel garage doors might not look as aesthetically pleasing as a wooden door, but they are extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.

They are recommended for use in areas that experience heavy rain or hail storm frequently. They are also very secure and quite difficult to break in to.

Steel doors are also better insulated than wooden doors and do provide an additional layer of protection from the winter cold. This keeps your house warm and lowers energy consumption due to heating.

The downside is that steel doors can rust and scratch over time. High-quality garage doors are finished with a polyester coating that protects against rust—however, you have to be careful not to use harsh chemicals that might cause it to come off. To combat this, we use premium steel and apply two coats of pre-finished paint to enhance the color and durability.


Wooden garage doors add a touch of class to your home and enhance the curb appeal of your home significantly. There are numerous types of wood and polishes that you can choose from to find a design that suits your home best.

The disadvantage is that wooden doors are susceptible to moisture and termite damage. However, as long as you maintain and inspect it properly and recoat it every few years, there shouldn’t be any problems.


Fiberglass doors have the look and feel of a wooden door and the functionality of a steel one. They can be customized to meet your design requirements and are extremely effective at insulating homes because their interior is filled with foam.

Fiberglass doors do cost more upfront than wood and steel doors, but they are very low maintenance. They don’t rust easily and are resistant to denting and buckling.

Choose expert door makers

While the material you choose is important, so is the maker. Darkinson Doors is a leading service in Toledo, OH that offers a wide range of residential garage door options. We use premium materials for our designs, and our artisans are skilled at crafting garage doors that meet your needs.

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