What are High-Speed Fabric Doors, and Why Do You Need Them?
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Welcome to 2022, where high-speed rolling service doors are widely popular and within reach of all commercial facility owners. If you own a warehouse, a cold storage facility, or a high-tech lab that needs to improve its door’s functionality, consider going for high-speed rolling doors.

In this blog today, we’ll be talking about one of the most popular high-speed fabric doors:

What are High-Speed Fabric Doors?

A regular rolling door opens and shuts at the speed of seven inches per second. In comparison, a high-speed door operates at 100 inches per second. So if you have a door that’s 2 meter high, a high-speed fabric door will take two seconds to open and shut.

This makes high-speed fabric doors ideal for facilities where quickly opening and closing doors is crucial to maintain temperature, atmosphere, or efficiency. There are metal, rubber, and high-speed fabric doors. However, fabric doors are most popular due to easy repair and maintenance.

Exterior of a warehouse

Benefits of High-Speed Fabric Doors

Here are the reasons your commercial door should be none other than a high-speed fabric door.

Increased Productivity

In a commercial building where workers need to get in and out quickly, regular rolling doors may hinder productivity and slow personnel’s speed. A high-speed fabric door can help you deal with this challenge.

Maintain Temperature/ Atmosphere

Whether you want to avoid cross-contamination in your facility or maintain the cold and hot temperatures, a high-speed door can help you.

Easy Maintenance and Quick Repair

High Speed Fabric Doors Perrysburg can be quickly repaired and sometimes within minutes. Moreover, these doors are easy to maintain as well, owing to the advanced technology and sturdy material.

Save Money

From maintenance to energy efficiency, a high-speed fabric door allows you to save money in every way. These doors are surely worth every penny!

Buy High-Speed Doors

If you’re looking for high-speed fabric doors, rolling steel doors, and other commercial or residential doors, contact us. At Darkinson Doors, we have a wide variety of Commercial garage Door Fremont, roll-up doors, and customized metal doors.


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