Most Secure Doors for Your Home
Wooden front door with yellow house

Your home’s front door acts as the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your home safe. People feel safe and protected as soon as they cross the threshold of their home and can shut out all unwanted visitors and stresses just by closing the door behind them.

It is estimated that around 34% of the burglars enter a house from the front door. This means having a secure front door allows you to reduce the chances of burglars entering your house by 34%.

While deciding which door provides you with the best security and is most suited for your house, it’s crucial to consider various options. Following is a little insight that will help you decide which door is best for you.


uPVC doors are standard across Ohio and quite popular among homeowners due to their affordable price and appealing look.

The multi-locking system in these doors is highly secure and easy to handle. To lock a uPVC door, you must lift the handle of the doors while turning the key. This allows you to put several locks into place.

The only downside to these doors is that they tend to have a comparatively shorter operational life than other materials. They work just fine for 10-15 years, but as they age, the level of security they provide deteriorates. So even if your uPVC door looks fine but was installed more than ten years ago, it may be time to get it replaced for uncompromised home security.


For all those who want to add grace, traditional charm, and a classy look to their homes, wooden doors are one of the top options. As well as being considered the most visually appealing doors by many, they also offer uncompromised security, especially modern timber doors that come along latest multi-locking features.

They were fitted with a mortice lock and a Yale lock, but the newer models also feature a multi-locking point system, similar to that on the uPVC doors.


Composite front doors

Front doors that offer the most security are usually made from composite. Single material doors, such as uPVC and timber, also have various benefits. Still, they can’t compete with these doors as they boast the benefits of multiple materials such as wood, glass, insolating foam, aluminum, steel, acrylic,  glass-reinforced plastic.

High-quality composite doors are not only weather-resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, but they offer the highest level of security among all the doors in this list.

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