Manual Doors vs. Automatic Doors: What’s the Better Choice for Your Commercial Building?
A modern office building with automatic doors

For commercial building owners, choosing a commercial door isn’t as easy as picking the best design on Pinterest. Commercial properties must consider numerous factors before choosing a commercial door that best caters to their building’s needs.

If you are a commercial property owner looking to upgrade or install commercial doors at a new facility, here’s some help from us. We’ll be discussing the two types of commercial doors, i.e., manual and automatic doors, to help you choose the right one.

Manual vs. Automatic Doors

Manual doors installed at commercial facilities are like regular wooden or metal doors. Based on your needs, you can opt for sliding doors, rolling doors, or scissors gates.

Automatic commercial doors, on the other hand, come in two styles such as sliding doors and swing doors. Automatic doors open and close upon detecting motion and are equipped with the latest technology.

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A Comparison of Manual and Automatic Commercial Doors

Here’s a comparison of the two commercial doors:


In terms of cost, manual doors are more affordable so they are a popular choice among building owners looking for budget-friendly door options.


Automatic doors have better security features and centralized controls. This allows building owners to maximize the security of their commercial doors.


It’s easier to maintain and repair manual doors, such as Traditional Steel Doors Perrysburg. For automatic doors, you may need extensive repair time and cost to fix issues.


Automatic doors are more energy-efficient and prevent the heat or cold from escaping the building. This is because automatic doors don’t remain open unnecessarily.


It’s easier to install manual commercial doors than to install automatic doors.


For malls and offices with high footfall, automatic doors are more convenient and offer better accessibility to people entering or exiting the building.

Pick the Right Commercial Door in Toledo!

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