Lockdown: The Most Secure Types of Front Doors
The front door of a house

Did you know 34% of all burglars enter homes through the front door? No matter how safe your neighborhood is, your home will be a prime target for robberies if your front door isn’t secure.

Installing the right front door will also prevent you from becoming a victim of violent crimes that occur in 7% of all household burglaries. Here’s a summary of some of the most secure types of front doors you can install in your home.

Hardwood Doors

The strength of hardwood like timber makes them ideal for securing residential front doors while maintaining the home’s curbside appeal. If a burglar somehow breaks a timber door, it’ll take them forever to remove it. This will increase their likelihood of getting caught or abandoning their attempt to rob the home altogether!

The extent to which a hardwood door will keep your home safe depends on its thickness. Thicker doors are more difficult to break, but they’re also more difficult for older residents and kids to open. We recommend thinking about who will use your front door most before deciding on installing a hardwood door.

Scissor Gates

If you’ve ever noticed a web of steel protecting the front door of a closed convenience store, then it’s likely you saw a scissor gate! Scissor gates get their names from the way their beams fold like scissors when they’re opened or shut. They’re among the most secure front door types because of the way their beams are structured.

The web of steel created by scissor gates makes it almost impossible to break through them without cutting through a majority of their beams. By the time thieves get through a scissor gate, it’s highly likely they’ll be seen by witnesses or recorded by CCTV cameras!

Scissor gates are rarely used to secure residential front doors because they lack aesthetic appeal. However, if you’re someone that prioritizes safety over beauty, then scissor gates are your best bet to secure your building.

Magnetized Doors

Magnetized doors use electromagnets to stay shut. They’re impossible to open unless their magnets are deactivated with a pin code or key fob. They’re commonly found outside apartments—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for your front door!

The best way to benefit from the security magnetized doors offer is by adding a magnet strip to a hardwood door. This will ensure your front door looks gorgeous and keeps everyone safe inside.

A steel door under an archway

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