Latest Garage Door Styles for 2021
Garage door of a vintage house

Your garage door may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about the façade of your house, but if you observe closely, a garage door approximately covers 30% of your house’s façade. Many people are prompted to update the façade of their homes. However, it requires large-scale and expensive architectural work to be carried out. Fortunately, sometimes, only upgrading the garage door can do the trick for you.

Here are some of the most in-demand garage door styles right now.

Keep it Simple With Glazed Garage Doors

Modern styles require absolute harmony – the rule applies to both the exterior and the interior of the house. People with minimalist house facades have been searching for an option that perfectly goes with the laconic geometry of their house. Fortunately, fully glazed garage doors with an aluminum frame are the best solution for such houses. In addition to this, glazed garage doors have other advantages too, such as:

  • A variety of glazing options – from tinted to transparent
  • A wide range of frame designs – from powder coating to traditionally brushed aluminum
  • Various frame lathing options

These doors are expensive – both in the structure and installation. Make sure to choose a good-quality glazed garage door and hire professionals for its installation to get the required functionality.

The Classic Steel Door

Steel garage doors remain a classic that won’t lose its relevance any time soon. The high resistance and durability steel structure provides to all the climatic phenomena makes it incredibly popular. Furthermore, gone are the days when homeowners used to worry about thermal insulation as the new model steel doors come intact with polyurethane between their outer and inner layers, which ensures a comfortable temperature during summer and heat retention during winter.

As far as the appearance of these doors is concerned, the dual thin sheets give more of an economical feel. So it’s best to look for embossed doors and panels that also include forged elements.

Preserve Traditional Values with Farmhouse Style Garage Doors

Farmhouse-style garage doors can create a harmonious combination for the people who prefer details instead of laconic minimalism. These doors are decorated just like the doors of barns and stables and give an expensive appeal. A similar visual effect is created using the following solutions.

  • The partially glazed upper fragment
  • A semi-arched top
  • Semi-timbered wooden overlays
  • Dark metal fittings
  • Semi-antique wooden surfaces with non-uniform toning

If you prefer modern elegance or your house’s architecture is classic, you can also decorate these doors similarly. Traditional finishes on farmhouse-style doors allow you to match the door with your façade.

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