How to Transform Your Home’s Curb Appeal
A home with a renovated exterior

Your home’s first impression starts with its elevation design, which includes the front door, the color of its walls, windows, and decorative elements such as stone pavements and landscaping. However, many homeowners struggle to choose and take the best exterior transformation approach.

Our door installation experts in Ohio will tell you the most effective ways to add elegance, charm, and value to your outdoor space in this blog. So let’s get started.

1. Invest in Landscaping

First things first, no one likes an overgrown shrub, bushy walkways, and unclean grass in their home’s outdoor area. We recommend you start with quality landscaping services to elevate your home’s curb appeal. This simple yet effective exterior renovation project will not cost you an arm and a leg but will deliver exceptional results.

Consider trimming overgrown trees, pruning shrubs, and planting beautiful seasonal flowers for a pop of color. You can also add decorative stones to the sidings and add flower beds for a classic look.

2. Replace the Front Door

When renovating home fronts, homeowners tend to forget the significance of front doors. Your home’s front door isn’t just your first line of defense against the intruders. It also plays an integral role in bringing your home’s exterior appeal together. Consider adding an energy-friendly and durable front door, such as a fiberglass door, to your property.

Talk to us to get a customized fiberglass or traditional steel door for your home in Toledo.

3. Revamp the Garage Front

If you have a garage on your home’s front side, we recommend you add a quality garage door to it. At Darkinson Doors, we have a wide range of residential garage doors in every design, color, and shape. You can also invest in an automatic garage door opener to maximize your home’s accessibility and efficiency.

A new residential garage door

You can consult our experts to decide on a garage door color that complements your home’s exterior and overall curb appeal.

4. Add Window Shutters or Trims

Window shutters and trims can boost your home’s privacy and subtly improve its elegance. Choose window shutters or trims that match your home’s architectural style. You can coat it with matte or glossy paint to create an attractive color scheme for your home.

Darkinson Doors can help you add value to your home with its wide range of Residential Garage Doors Maumee, traditional steel doors, gate openers, and fiberglass doors in Toledo, Ohio. Our experts are fully trained to repair outdated doors and install doors in residential and commercial properties.

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