How To Choose The Right Impact On Traffic Door
door opening on a factory floor

Impact traffic or swinging doors help provide two-way access into rooms or large areas. The impact traffic door you choose will have a specific purpose. Will you be using it for pedestrian traffic, or will trucks and loaders be going through? This door has both commercial and industrial applications that can control the flow of traffic in a wide area.

If you’re looking for the right traffic door for your commercial or industrial facility, here are some ways you can choose the right impact traffic door:

Who’ll Be Using The Door?

Firstly, you’ll need to decide who’ll be using the door. If you’re installing it in a commercial application in a restaurant, the waiter will need to walk back and forth carrying the dishes for the customers. Or bussers will be carrying dirty dishes from the kitchen to the washing area.

You can have them installed in an industrial application at loading entryways where workers and trucks are coming through. The whole point of having these doors is to provide a non-obtrusive divide space and keep a flow of traffic in a busy area.

What Size Door Do You Need?

This is a very important consideration when you place an order for your impact traffic door. You’ll need to measure your entryway, swinging space, and angles the door will be opening and closing. These doors can be customized in single and double-door styles to match your building and entryway.

Are There Any Environmental Needs?

These doors also have commercial use in hospitals, and you might see them at main entrances and department entryways. They are used to facilitate easy passage of people without having to pass through a heavy door in emergencies. These doors also facilitate the environmental needs of the space as well. If you have an air-conditioned environment, these doors can keep the cooling in and the heat out and vice versa.

Any Equipment Going Through The Door?

These doors are often installed in factories and hospitals, requiring minimum force when you push through. If you’ve heavy equipment, you can simply push through and pass through the door. Also, in emergency rooms, patients have to be quickly rushed to ORs for treatment, so these doors can be easily opened and closed in a rush when you have a lot of pedestrian traffic in the hallways.

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