How Does An Impact Traffic Door Work
Metal doors in a commercial property

An impact traffic door, also known as a metal walk-through door, is a heavy-duty door designed specifically to withstand the rigors of high-traffic areas. These commercial doors are built with durability and resilience in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.

While commonly used in commercial settings such as warehouses, factories, and distribution centers, impact traffic doors have also found their way into customized garage spaces. So, let’s unlock the secrets behind the functionality of impact traffic doors in more detail.

How Does an Impact Traffic Door Work?

The underlying mechanism of an impact traffic door is what sets it apart from conventional doors. These doors feature a flexible panel design made of rugged materials such as reinforced PVC or rubber. This flexible panel allows for easy passage of personnel, equipment, and materials while effectively sealing off different areas, preventing drafts, contaminants, and temperature fluctuations.

The flexibility of the panel is achieved through the presence of vertical ribs or pleats that provide structural support. This ingenious design allows the door to flex in both directions, ensuring minimal resistance when pushed or impacted.

Parts of an Impact Traffic Door

An impact traffic door consists of a flexible door panel made of reinforced PVC or rubber, vertical ribs for support, hinges for smooth operation, tracks and rollers for guided movement, mounting hardware for stability, bumpers or impact plates for protection, and sealing mechanisms for creating a tight seal.

These components work together to provide durability, flexibility, and functionality, making impact traffic doors essential for high-traffic areas and customized garage doors.

Benefits of Impact Traffic Doors

Following are some noteworthy benefits of installing an impact traffic door in your commercial facility:

  1. Enhanced Traffic Flow: Impact traffic doors enable quick and effortless movement between different areas, minimizing congestion and improving overall productivity.
  2. Temperature and Energy Control: These doors act as effective barriers, preventing the transfer of air, maintaining consistent temperatures, and reducing energy consumption.
  3. Improved Safety and Security: With durable construction and the ability to withstand impact, impact traffic doors enhance safety by preventing accidents and maintaining controlled access to restricted areas.
  4. Noise and Contaminant Reduction: The doors’ sealed design helps minimize noise pollutionand prevents the spread of dust, debris, and airborne contaminants.

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