Home Aesthetics 101: 6 Door Styles You Should Consider for Home Renovation!
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When you’re undergoing a home renovation, one of the major things you can change is the door style you employ in different rooms of your home. Home renovations are a good time to let your creativity fly free and change the doors in your home. Residential Doors Toledo come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have listed 6 door styles you can use in your home to wow your guests post-home renovation.

It would help if you also remembered that you could customize these door styles by changing the materials you use.

1. Sliding Doors

If your home is small, sliding doors are a great way to save space. Some of the most common places where people use sliding doors are in kitchen pantries, patios, and decks to make the maximum use of space possible.

Certain sliding doors only attach at the top instead of at the top and bottom. It makes their movements much easier in a home.

2. Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are generally external door that opens into your yard or backyard. The most fun thing about dutch doors is that they can section off into two, which means you can open just the top or the bottom. Many people place dutch doors in the kitchen to allow sunlight and ventilation on hot summer days. They make it easier for the pets and the kids to take a nice stroll.

3. Pocket Doors

These doors are quite great at saving you space. They involve panels of doors that can fold into each other like an accordion and then be placed into an opening in the wall. They can be more expensive to install as you would have to worry about creating a space for the residential doors to sit.

4. French Doors

These doors are quite simple and consist of two normal hinge doors that will open, allowing for a massive doorway. They often have glass windows that may allow light to filter through. You can often use French doors in the door to a balcony from a room as they lend quite a romantic aura to the space overall. They are an example of personalized Garage Doors for home Toledo.

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5. Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are the most common doors in the world, and you’re likely trying to move away from this style during your home renovation. However, hinged doors are easy to install in places like bathrooms and don’t require much maintenance.

6. Pivot Doors

These doors have one screw in the middle of the top frame and one in the middle of the bottom frame, allowing them to revolve on a central axis. Placing a transparent pivot door between a living room and a dining room will help you open up both spaces and make them appear much bigger.

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You’re not alone if you need help deciding whether to opt for fiberglass or steel Commercial Doors Fremont. Choosing a door style can be challenging, so you must ask professionals for help. At Darkinson Door, we specialize in residential and commercial doors in Toledo and can help you make your choice.

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