Everything You Need To Know About Rolling Service Door
a rolling garage door at a storage building

A rolling service door can transform your business and enhance safety and security. This is a commercial garage door that is composed of steel slats that are interlocked to form a continuous steel curtain. The curtain provides strength and durability and minimizes damage from a forceful impact on the door.

The door can be customized in various colors and sizes depending upon your business needs. If you’re looking to invest in a rolling service door for your business, here’s everything you should know before calling for an installation:

a rolling garage door inside a warehouse

What Is A Rolling Steel Door?

A Rolling Service Door Toledo has commercial and industrial applications as it is used at loading docks, warehouses, distribution centers, etc. These doors can be customized as fire-rated doors, counter shutters, rolling grilles, insulated service doors, etc.

They are available in many colors and sizes you can customize based on your business requirements and themes and the space available at your building.

Why Do I Need Rolling Service Doors?

Here are some benefits of installing a rolling service door for your business:

Easy Maintenance: These doors are relatively easy to maintain—most of their parts are pre-assembled and enclosed inside the door. So you don’t have the perform any greasing tasks on the hardware or make any over-the-top maintenance efforts for your door. But call in the experts when you suspect major damage.

Save On Space: Rolling services doors are preferred by businesses because they save on space. They also have a basic construction and design that free up ceiling space as well. So you can install HVAC components, enhance the lighting in the area, and even free up emergency fire sprinklers.

Safe To Use: The strong structure of rolling service doors makes them a safe option for business. They can keep up with the safety codes for business operation and building safety. You can also have them customized according to wind-load safety, fire and impact ratings.

How Are They Good For Businesses?

Since rolling doors take up less space, they can be easily rolled and out of the way for vehicles to get through and into the warehouse or your building. They keep your floor cleared and ceiling space-free for moving tall things in and out of your building.

multiple rolling garage doors in a loading area

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