Are Fiberglass Doors Energy-Efficient?
Fiberglass doors inside a home

Modern-day homeowners have a sharp focus on energy conservation and waste minimization. They’re invested in building smarter homes with energy-efficient features that not only help them save money but also boost property value in the long run.

Among many things that can improve your home’s energy-friendliness in Ohio, we recommend you start with installing efficient residential fiberglass doors. These include front, interior, and garage doors made that can effectively curtail your home’s energy consumption.

Continue reading to learn why fiberglass doors are energy efficient and one of the best options for homeowners in Ohio.

Excellent Insulation

A fiberglass door offers superior insulation benefits, which make them the energy-friendliest residential door option. They feature polyurethane foam insulation and, unlike traditional steel doors, are manufactured with two layers of fiberglass with a foam sandwiched in the middle.

A cozy residential deck space

This impeccable insulation mechanism reduces heat loss, improves air quality, and contributes to energy savings in summer.

Weather Resistance

Fiberglass material has weather-resistant properties, and it’s excellent for protecting your house against harsh weather. Fiberglass doors perform equally well in hot and cold weather regions and are, therefore, considered the most versatile residential door option in Toledo.

Unlike wooden doors, they don’t expand, contract, or cause energy loss. They maintain consistent indoor temperatures and reduce the load on HVAC systems.

UV Blocking

Experts say that fiberglass doors have UV-blocking capabilities due to their multi-layered, sandwiched design. They do not crack, fade, or chip easily and can stay scuff-free for decades. Unlike traditional wooden and glass doors, fiberglass doors do not allow UV radiation to pass through. This ultimately leads to lower energy consumption inside properties and skin disease prevention.

Moreover, fiberglass doors come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, which makes them extremely versatile and suitable for all kinds of interior and exterior spaces. Whether you want a mid-century modern appeal inside your home or want to stick to a traditional interior, fiberglass doors can complement them all.

Darkinson Doors brings you a comprehensive range of steel, wood, and fiberglass doors in Toledo, Ohio. Made with the finest quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, our doors are the best option for your residential or commercial property in the area.

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