A Guide to Choose Eco-Friendly Front Door, Everything to Remember
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Did you know that according to statistics, with more and more people prioritizing sustainability, individuals interested in purchasing real estate are willing to pay higher for sustainable homes?

So if you wish to go green and increase your property value, choosing sustainable options like a sustainable front door for your home is a great way to achieve this. We have put together a guide on purchasing eco-friendly exterior doors to make this task easier for you.

A Guide to Choosing an Eco-Friendly Front Door

Here is a guide to choosing eco-friendly exterior doors according to the experts at a company offering Personalized Home Doors Toledo.

Look For Energy-Efficient Options

An increasing number of customers have been demanding eco-friendly exterior door options, and door manufacturing companies have been paying more attention to creating eco-friendly building technology. In a quest to create eco-friendly front door options, manufacturers have created energy-efficient options for customers.

Here are a few characteristics of an energy-efficient exterior door that you must be looking for:

  • Double glass panels:If the exterior door you choose has glass panels, you want to ensure they have at least double or triple glass panels
  • Weather stripping: Keep an eye out for door frames with an additional magnetic strip. This feature aids in creating a compact seal to minimize heat and air leaks and will also help reduce your energy expenses
  • Core components:Ensure the core material used to craft the door has insulating properties to avoid heat leakage. Go for sustainable materials like polyurethane foam, wood fiber, or fiberglass

White and Red Wooden House with a Fence

Know the Eco-Friendly Materials

Knowing what materials are eco-friendly may save you a lot of time and make selecting an eco-friendly exterior door option much easier. Wooden doors are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious homeowners since they are made from naturally occurring raw materials sourced from sustainable sources, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Moreover, fiberglass is also among the top sustainable materials for front doors. It resembles wood. However, it requires significantly less upkeep and offers enhanced insulation. It is also highly durable and environmentally friendly.

Steel is another affordable choice that offers value in terms of security, aesthetic appeal, sustainability, and insulation. Lastly, aluminum is also an incredible eco-friendly option for front doors.

Many people are unaware of this, but aluminum is often referred to as ‘green metal’ due to its eco-friendly properties. It cuts over 90% of the energy required to create it from raw materials and is also recyclable.

Get Eco-Friendly Exterior Doors from Darkinson Doors

At Darkinson doors, we believe it is our job to help customers do their part in saving mother earth, and we offer a variety of eco-friendly exterior door options to help customers go green with their home exterior.

We have many eco-friendly exterior door options, from fiberglass to wooden doors. If you still need clarification about which sustainable front door material to choose, feel free to get in touch with us by dialing 419-478-1000 for further information.


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