5 Ways to Give Your Home’s Exterior a Makeover
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Struggling to revive the aesthetic appeal of your once-dazzling Ohio property?

While you may have decked your home out with a sophisticated and exuberant indoor design, leaving the exterior hanging can instantly diminish its overall value and appeal.

If you’ve been thinking of sprucing up your home’s exterior, it’s the perfect time to embark on a fun DIY project that keeps you occupied and polishes up your property.

Beat the self-quarantine blues by browsing through five ways to transform your home’s exterior without breaking the bank or violating social isolation rules.

1. Invest in a Contemporary Chic Steel Garage Door

Investing in a modern and sleek steel garage door can have a transformative effect on your property. We recommend opting for colors, styles, textures, designs, and materials that match the interior palette of your home.

Steel garage doors offer long-term durability, functionality, and accessibility, thereby ridding homeowners of extensive waits in the driveway. If your garage door is exhibiting signs of wear and tear, malfunctioning, and losing its efficiency, it may be best to indulge in a fresh replacement.

We offer an extensive selection of customizable steel garage doors that enhance safety, security, and convenience for homeowners. Most importantly, the fresh installation will breathe life into a nondescript and bleak home exterior.

2.Refreshing Flora to the Rescue!

Add depth and dimension to your entrance by infusing it with fresh greens. Investing in potted plants is a great way to rejuvenate your property on a budget.

Here’s some inspiration to help you get started!

Colorful gerbera daisies, nandina, and daylily are all great options for helping your entrance appear more inviting and appealing.

We also recommend using hanging plants near your entrance door and garage door for an added touch of vibrant elegance. The pops of color will further enhance the beauty and vigor of your place!

3.Indulge in Dreamy LED Curb Lighting

What better way to restore the sophistication and serenity of your home than by indulging in refreshing LED curb lighting?

As one of our favorite exterior hacks, soft and soothing lighting instantly imbues homes with tranquility and charm. Experiment with different LED lighting fixtures to find the perfect combination for your home.

Opt for soft and honey-toned lights to add a dreamy and luxurious glow. While you may feel compelled to indulge in excessively bright and harsh fixtures, the intensity will create an unappealing effect that makes your property appear overdone.

Here’s a guide to give you some inspiration.

4.Revive Exterior Appeal with a Fresh Layer of Paint

When in doubt, paint it out!

Give your residential exterior a refreshing makeover by bathing the walls of your home in a fresh coat of satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, or matte paint. The exuberant transformation will uplift your spirits while making your home appear revitalized and enlivened.

Opt for contemporary colors like cobalt, a ruba blue, honey orange, cream beige, or mahogany for a touch of sophistication.

5.Switch to a Stunning Fiberglass Garage Door

As one of the most energy-efficient, affordable, and durable garage door options on the market, fiberglass doors have become an easy go-to across Ohio.

The best part? Their exquisite appearance remains unmatched by regular alternatives.

Give your property an instant boost by opting for high-quality fiberglass doors that add a touch of complexity and elegance to your home. Our Model 9800 fiberglass doors have spectacular high-definition graining that beautifully complements residential design and architecture.

Embark on your home makeover by checking out our collection of premium quality and eye-catching residential garage doors in Toledo. We also offer state-of-the-art garage door openers designed and manufactured using innovative technology and cutting-edge operational mechanism.

For more information, call 419-478-1000.

We’re always happy to help!


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