5 Benefits of Installing Polyurethane Insulated Commercial Doors
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Polyurethane is a huge word that sounds way more complex than it is. It’s just a kind of plastic that has a flexible chemical structure. This allows it to be molded into many different forms and be part of many consumer and industrial products.

What does this have to do with doors? Well, one way to use polyurethane is to use it to line doors for further sealing. Commercial spaces, in particular, have benefited from the use of polyurethane insulation.

Here are five reasons why.

Noise Problems: Gone

Many commercial spaces need to be soundproof for the sake of the other people nearby. While most business owners do tend to remember soundproofing the walls and windows, many forget that doors are just as essential during this process.

Doors can be vulnerable to sound leaking out, which can even put commercial spaces into legal jeopardy due to noise disturbance complaints. Polyurethane helps significantly in keeping the sound inside as it forms a sturdier seal around the door opening.

Environment Control

If you’re in a line of work that requires managing the environment, polyurethane is one of the best kinds of insulation out there. It will seal up your workspace so that you can protect your materials and get stuff done without worrying. Some examples of this include people who work with book preservation or sensitive chemicals.

High Durability

Since it’s a plastic, polyurethane lasts longer than other kinds of materials. Tests have been conducted in which polyurethane insulation foam has lasted 28 years without any degradation. Scientists have thus estimated that polyurethane can last up to 80 years. This kind of endurance means that polyurethane is a high-quality one-time investment for businesses to make.

Heating Bills Managed

Polyurethane insulation is extremely efficient at controlling inside environments. Insulation like this not only helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions, you’ll be spending much less on heating and cooling. The flexibility of this material aids the usage of it in many other parts of commercial spaces as well.

More Productivity

Due to the weather and noise protection, you’ll be able to use your commercial space for longer hours than before. This will end up increasing your productivity and profitability. Don’t let poor space design keep you from achieving your business goals!

Planning for the perfect workspace is all about thinking ahead and seeing what’s out there for your commercial location. Our experts at Darkinson Doors can help you out with choosing the perfect kind of commercial doors, whether they’re polyurethane-insulated, scissor gates, or overhead doors for your business in Toledo. Call us at 419-478-1000 or 800-922-5017, so we can get you started now!


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