4 Ways to Make Your Garage More Energy-Efficient
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Energy efficiency is one way that eco-friendly citizens have been doing their duty to protect the planet. The more energy you consume, the more it’s produced, and more waste is created. It doesn’t hurt that energy efficiency is also doing wonders for the bills!

However, one part of the house people don’t think about for energy efficiency is the garage. This is a big mistake because garages are quite sensitive to outside weather conditions and can consume a lot of energy.

Go Natural

The best way to save power is not to use it! Customized wooden doors are great manual alternatives for insulated garage doors. Wood is a better insulator than steel alone, which means that you’re getting a better deal with the base property of wood than you are with steel alone.

You’re also conserving energy by not having an automated garage door opener, which can cost you quite a lot because of the power it takes to pull up steel doors.

Stay Traditional

Another technique for saving energy is to stick with the carriage door design. Carriage doors open outward and look kind of like barn doors. Inspired by carriage houses where people unhitched their buggies, these doors can be both manual and automatic.

The advantage of this design is that if you keep the mechanism manual, you’re saving on electricity. However, even if you automate it, the amount of energy required to operate them is lower than for an overhead garage door.

The Little Details Matter!

Don’t just focus on the garage door, even though that can cause the most loss of energy. Insulate the door in your house that leads to the garage, as well as the walls, switchboards, windows, and floor. This can help cover up all smaller losses you’re incurring in heating.

Keep Garage Sealed

In places with extreme weather, keeping the garage sealed through insulation and proper fitting can help save you money on heating and cooling. The garage may seem like an external part of the house, but because your cars live there, it’s not.

Cars can react badly to extreme cold and heat, which is why temperature control is essential. However, uninsulated doors can cause you to lose a lot of money on the energy bill.

Make sure that whatever method you choose, you’re only purchasing high-quality products, or they won’t last.

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