4 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Retail Store

According to the National Retail Federation, American retailers lost over $50 billion to retail store theft.

Given the considerably significant theft amount, and the hard-earned cash that’s at risk, it’s important that retail businessmen deploy cutting-edge security features at their facility. From training employees to installing functional electric operated doors or scissor gates, you need to do everything to keep shoplifters and burglars at bay.

Thanks to modern technology, security systems and the efficiency of innovative entrance designs are improving by the day. From efficient monitoring methods to seamless property protection alarms, you can enhance your retail store’s security in many ways.

If you’re looking for excellent ideas to boost the safety of your business facility and workers, keep on reading.

1.   Evaluate Your Store’s Current Security

Before diving directly into the implementation or execution phase, assess and evaluate your retail store’s current security system. Check if your alarm system is up-to-date and the store’s entrance has essential security features. Identify potential weaknesses and loopholes that might offer lucrative theft opportunities to shoplifters.

Moreover, hire a professional to train your store staff about self-defense and crime patterns. This not only helps in deploying latest and efficient security system at your retail store but also forewarns the staff about possible unforeseen events.

2.   Invest in a Security Alarm System

Functional and responsive alarm systems are must-have security essential for retail stores. The best options come with wireless installation and remote monitoring features that allow you to stay on top of your property’s situation at any time, from anywhere.

We suggest you to invest in an alarm system that notifies you in real-time via cellular notifications so that you can respond to the situation in a timely manner.

3.   Invest in Durable and Functional Scissor Gates in Toledo

Foldable and slide-able scissor gates are a great security addition in any type of retail stores. Scissor gates are usually made of iron grill that easily glides on a track, making it convenient to operate yet equally sturdy.

Scissor gates offer a physical and a protective barrier to your retail stores throughout the day.

In addition to scissor gates, you can also opt for electric operated gate openers, impact traffic doors, or high-speed fabric doors as per your requirements.

4.   Train Staff for Suspicious Customers

To enhance security of your retail stores, it’s important to train the on-floor staff. Here are some critical training aspects you must focus on:

  • Identifying and navigating shoplifters
  • Engaging them to prevent diversion
  • Appropriately dealing with aggressive customers

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