4 Tips For Wooden Garage Door Maintenance
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With the summer on the way, it’s time to take over the daunting task of cleaning your wooden doors. Most people don’t even realize that they have to clean their garage doors unless it’s necessary.

But neglected maintenance can lead to your door exterior looking dusty, corroded, or completely warped. If you don’t maintain the polish and finishing, the door will be completely worn down. Here are some tips about how you can tackle your garage’s wooden door maintenance without damaging it in the process:

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Clean And Paint The Exterior

Your Residential Garage Doors Toledo take a thorough beating from the sun and the weather, which can make them susceptible to damage. You should sand, prime, and paint any abrasive spots on your door. Use a mild soap for washing off the surface, and then use wood polish to seal it all up. After it dries, you can put on a fresh coat of paint.

If your wooden door is water-damaged and warped, remove chipped and peeling paint before you start sanding and painting.

Lubricate Any Moving Parts

Garage doors are capable of swinging open and shut on hinges and rollers. So, dust collects up and builds on those parts, creating a creaky noise you usually hear in horror movies when the main character opens a door in an old, spooky house. So, use a lubricant or any spray that can protect against corrosion and rusting in your moving parts.

This will also help reduce the stress on your rollers and doors openers. You should do this practice at least twice a year.

Tighten Your Hardware And Clear Tracks

Your garage doors should easily open and close without rust and debris in your hardware. If your hardware or brackets on the ceilings and fasteners are corroded, you need to get them cleaned or replaced. Also, double-check the fasteners and look for any loose nuts or loose hardware that is stopping your garage door from opening or closing.

Don’t Touch Anything That You Don’t Know How to Fix

You shouldn’t touch anything in there that requires a special tool to fix. If you try to fix things that you don’t understand, it can not only damage your door function but can also injure you in the process. Just tighten any loose nuts and bolts if you see any, but don’t try to tackle the malfunction yourself and call the experts to help you out.

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