4 Reasons Businesses Need a Heavy-Duty Metal Fire Door
fire doors in an old building

Metal fire doors can be seen incorporated in many large commercial buildings. These doors serve a much greater purpose than just adding up to the curb appeal, especially in places like Ohio, where the injury and death rate from fire is much higher than the national average. Find out more about the importance of metal fire doors and how installing metal fire doors can benefit your business in this blog.

Slows fire

The risk of an accidental fire is always present in commercial buildings. Fire doors can help contain an accidental fire, save lives and lessen the damage in case of any such incident. Metal fire doors usually have a sturdy frame covered with fire-resistant glass. The hybrid structure makes these doors even more secure and stronger.

Good quality metal fire doors also have special chemical strips installed called intumescent seals. These seals expand when exposed to heat and seal the space between the frame and the door to isolate the fire from reaching other building sections.

Legal Requirement

Many fire legislations like the fire legislation of Ohio make it mandatory for businesses to install adequate fire protection safety measures, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire doors. Failing to fulfill these requirements can result in heavy fines. Therefore, fire doors are often mandatory in various workspaces and commercial buildings. Sometimes, fire codes also provide details about how to properly position and install fire doors, so it’s best to consult your local fire legislation regarding this matter.

Insurance Benefits

Businesses are required to be inspected and evaluated by insurance providers to receive coverage. These evaluations and inspections are mostly on-site. Insurance companies provide better deals for facilities with adequate fire hazard safety measures such as fire gates and fire extinguishers.

Don’t Skimp on Safety

It’s the ethical duty of every business owner to provide good working conditions and safety for its employees and other people visiting the premises. Safety includes protection from criminal elements and includes protection from accidents and hazards such as a fire.

If you fail to provide relevant parties with the required protection, you can be held responsible in case of any unforeseen mishap such as a fire incident. This can especially be the case if you haven’t invested a good amount of money in safety precautions such as fire doors.

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