3 Tips to Maintain Rolling Doors
A rolling door inside an office

Aside from aesthetics, rolling doors are often essential in commercial and industrial buildings because they increase convenience. While most commercial and industrial rolling doors are strong and resistant to harsh weather conditions and dirt, they still need to be maintained properly to ensure longevity and functionality. Plus, commercial rolling doors can be pretty expensive to install. So, unless you are willing to fork up the cash to get them professionally cleaned or replaced every other month, you need to give them the care they require to function. Let’s look at some ways you can maintain your rolling doors.

Clean Them!

Industrial buildings are prone to dirt and debris, which can easily get caught up in the tracks of your rolling doors. This can not only make your door run slower, but it can also get clogged up in the mechanism of the door, which can cause it to jam. To clean it, you will need a mixture of water and mild detergent and a stiffed bristled brush. Just scrub the tracks with the brush and the concoction you made and dry everything with a clean, dry cloth, so no moisture remains behind.

Oil It Up!

All machines require some form of lubrication to run smoothly, so if your door is making that ear-piercing squeaky sound, then it probably needs to be oiled. Lubrication not only lowers the chances of you having to replace parts but ti also increases door safety by preventing stiffness and rust. Not all parts of your rolling doors need to be oiled, just target the bearings, guide rails, and roller curtains, and you should be good to go.

A picture of open sliding doors

Protect It from Water

We all know that water and moisture somehow find their way inside electronics and ruin them; the same applies to automatic doors. Water can get inside the control panel, especially if it is mounted onto a wall, and affect its functionality. If you don’t want that to happen to you, then you might want to seal the screw holes and other openings around the control panel with silicone.

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