3 Garage Damage Signs That Shouldn’t Be Ignored At All Costs
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Most of us take our homes for granted. We don’t pay nearly enough attention to the gradual wear and tear that they go through over the years. There are nooks and crannies of your home that go unnoticed due to their constant use, and it’s only when something goes terribly wrong that you realize you should have been careful.

Among the things around the house that suffer from neglect, your garage happens to be one of the most badly affected. But the damage can be difficult to identify, which is why you should watch out for the warning signs that include:

1.     It’s The Messiest Part Of Your Home

We get it; most people use their garage as a dump where you stash away bulky, unnecessary items and things you’re not using as frequently. From electronics to equipment, to off-season clothing, to lawn maintenance essentials, you’re going to be storing a lot here.

Many of these things don’t belong here, but unfortunately, the lack of alternative storage makes the garage your best option. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t organize.

Just because your garage is loaded with your belongings, doesn’t mean it should be left messy. It’s important to clear the mess and make sure everything’s put away after use.

2.     Inefficient Use Of The Storage Space

Leaving the mess aside, if your garage has space, but it’s not being used efficiently, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and the space. If your floor is covered in random objects and the shelves, racks, and hooks are left unnoticed, you’re likely to lose objects and miss out on the wear and tear on the ground.

This leaves room for more accidents, and puts you at risk of losing and damaging your belongings. It’s crucial to declutter and regularly maintain your garage space to make sure there are fewer skid marks and cracks in the floor, walls, and other areas.

3.     Your Door Is Old, Jammed, And Damaged

Your garage door is meant to keep your vehicles and space protected against break-ins, damage, vandalism, weather, and your home private. If your garage door is old, worn out, damaged, and unbalanced, you need to have it replaced asap.

Broken and old hardware, such as hinges, bolts and rollers, broken springs, and cables, not only make your door to malfunction but become a safety hazard since the door can get jammed, come loose, fall on your vehicle or a person.

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