3 Common Door Materials Other Than Wood
A wooden door

If you asked someone to imagine a door, they’d probably picture one made of wood. This isn’t surprising given humans have used wood to create doors since 3000 BC! From castles in England to homes in North Africa, wood has always been a popular choice for doors. But what are some other common materials used to make doors?

Here’s a summary of three common materials used to build doors aside from wood.


Did you know fiberglass is one of the lightest construction materials available? It might sound strange building a door with glass, but there’s a big difference between fiberglass and regular glass! Fiberglass is made by pushing melted glass through microscopic holes. This results in strands that are weaved together to create a strong yet lightweight material that isn’t transparent nor brittle like regular glass.

Fiberglass doors are also resistant to expansions and contractions due to temperature fluctuations. This makes them ideal for garage doors here in Toledo, considering how hot our summers and how cold our winters get!

They can also be used to create entry doors for your home. However, their look depends on whether they match the rest of your home’s aesthetic. If your home has a rustic vibe, then installing a fiberglass door might not be the right option!


Steel is the most common door material apart from wood. Its strength makes it ideal to build doors for security purposes. For instance, steel is commonly used to build high-speed roll-up doors at loading docks for food retailers. It’s also commonly found in scissor gates that convenience stores use to lock up when they close. Meanwhile, in residential settings, it’s commonly used to build strong garage doors for homes at affordable prices.

The strength of steel doors depends on the type of steel used. For instance, cold-formed steel is more durable than regular steel while stainless steel is resistant to corrosion.


Fabric might not sound like an ideal door-making material, but you’d be surprised at how commonly it’s used in commercial settings!

Fabric doors are found in places like warehouses, supermarket loading docks, and factories where goods are unloaded and transported. Their lightweight makes it easy to retract them at high speeds, and they offer better temperature control and airflow compared to other door materials. They can also be sealed to prevent contaminants in places like meat-processing facilities from escaping.

A shutter gate next to a door

It’s vital to ensure a door’s material matches its purpose. No matter what type of material you need for your door, the team at Darkinson Doors will help. We have over 70 years of experience installing everything, from high-speed fabric doors to overhead sectional doors in commercial settings. We also provide an array of residential doors, including steel carriage doors and customized garage doors.

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