3 Areas in Your Facility That Need a High-Speed Fabric Door
A high-speed fabric door at a business facility

Many companies use roll-up doors that automatically open and close. However, these commercial doors are a thing of the past! The latest trend in commercial doors is high-speed fabric doors. Like roll-up doors, they open and close automatically, but the speed is much faster. For instance, high-speed fabric doors can cover a vertical distance of 1 meter per second. Additionally, these doors are available in various sizes, designs, and materials, making them the ideal choice for all kinds of commercial facilities, including retail stores and factories.

But where should you install these commercial doors at your business premises? This blog discusses some areas in your commercial facility that need a high-speed fabric door.

Storage Areas with Valuable Items

One of the biggest reasons why commercial facilities need to install high-speed fabric doors is due to their advanced security feature. As the name suggests, they’re high-speed, which prevents unauthorized visitors from entering your warehouse and stealing valuable items. Whether you have a storage room where you store confidential files or a warehouse where stored goods are stored, high-speed fabric doors can secure your industrial or commercial facility.

Areas with High Traffic

High-speed fabric doors are specially designed for areas with high traffic volumes. Due to their quick mechanism, these fabric doors don’t cause any delays in operations, allowing employees at a company to quickly get from one area to another. Therefore, if any area in your commercial facility has high traffic, you can manage it more efficiently by installing high-speed fabric doors.

Manufacturing Sites

Besides installing your high-speed fabric doors in areas where you store valuable items or locations with high traffic, commercial facilities should also install these doors in manufacturing areas. If your commercial facility has a research lab or a manufacturing site, you must enhance its safety and functionality by using high-speed fabric doors.

They regulate the interior temperature, allowing you to manufacture products at a desired temperature level. Additionally, they prevent harmful dust and particles from outdoors from entering the manufacturing facility and impacting the procedures.

A yellow high-speed fabric door at a commercial building

Install a High-Speed Fabric Door

With the help of a high-speed fabric door, you can regulate interior temperature, keep valuables safe, and manage high traffic without it resulting in operational delays. At Darkinson Doors, we install commercial doors that can take the security and efficiency of your business to another level, including installing high-speed fabric doors. Additionally, we install residential and commercial garage doors.

Reach out to us and get a high-speed fabric door for your company today.


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